Where Else Can I Sell Things Online?

As you venture through stores looking for the perfect Amazon FBA inventory you may come across some really exceptional deals that just don’t seem to fit Amazon’s criteria. Whether they items are refurbished, the boxes are slightly beat up, or the item is just restricted or in a category you do not have the ability to sell in, we have you covered.

  eBay Iphone Android

Everyone knows about Ebay. It is where many get their start when selling online. It is the only other place I have sold online so far. It works well to unload bad buys and even to sell items that may be restricted on Amazon but still sell well online. If you do not already have an Ebay account I highly recommend you get one. Ebay is a big part of our multi channel fulfillment strategy. To open an account click the link above.


Mercari Iphone Android

Mercari seems to be pretty simple. Snap a photo, pick a price, and select a shipping method. Its that easy! For a limited time Mercari is comission free! On Mercari you can safely sell new and used items and for a limited time there are no fees! This looks easier than Ebay, and I have heard from a few people that they have had good success selling items here.

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Poshmark Iphone Android


Poshmark is a great way to unload some of the stuff you have lying around your house that you know will sell, but isn’t right for Amazon. This is a great way to build capitol for your FBA business. On Poshmark clothing, toys, and home furnishings seem to sell well. This is also a great place to sell items you find while shopping for FBA. It is always a good idea to be thinking about all of your selling platforms at once while shopping. You may be gated in the clothing category on FBA but find some stellar clothing deals. All of these apps I am telling you about today are great markets for those items.

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Thred Up Iphone Android

Thred Up is not only a great place to buy gently used clothing, it is a great place to sell it as well. think about yard sales. You probably already go to them to look for FBA inventory. Most have a ton of clothing and lets face it. Clothing does not sell well at yard sales. That means that most of that clothing will be extremely cheap. If you catch the tail end of the sale often you can get for free!

With Thred Up it is insanely easy to sell clothing. Thred Up sends you a bag and you fill it with clothing. Thred Up goes through your bag and chooses what they want to sell. They pay you for those items imediately. You can either choose to have whatever Thred Up doesn’t want returned to you for 9.99 or donated for free. This is why Thred Up is great for those random piles of clothes you may end up with. Thred Up is a seriously quick way to make cash to roll into your growing FBA business!

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