The Benefits Of Using Inventory Lab As An Amazon FBA Seller

When we first started doing Amazon as Merchant Fulfilled sellers many years ago, we were quite happy with the Seller Central interface on As we progressed to using FBA we quickly realized that the process of listing, stickering, and shipping products seemed a bit slow to us. That is when we tried Inventory Lab’s Free 30 Day Trial!

With Inventory Lab there is no need to keep a spreadsheet of your sales ( but if you would like to we have a handy FREE one here). All of the information is captured as you are entering your products into your shipment. Inventory Lab has easy reports for you to see profitability of each sku. IL even accounts for times when you buy the same item for different prices at different stores.

The work flow is much faster and easier than with Seller Central as well. As soon as you enter an item the labels for that item will print and you can label it as you add your items to the shipment. No more touching your products multiple times to add and to label. That alone cuts a ton of time out of getting your shipments together.

Along with inventory lab you get the Scoutify App for free. This app has a ton of great features including quick access to CCC, Keepa, eBay, Book Scouter, and Google. Inventory Lab is worth the price without the addition of a free scanning app. So this app makes buying Inventory Lab a no brainer.

Yet a third awesome feature of Inventory Lab is Scout. Scout is great for those doing Online Arbitrage, or for a quick check of profitability of an item. With Scout you can search for an item by name, ASIN, ect.  Scout gives you all of the information you would get using a scanning app but on your computer. If you have a hand scanner you can easily scan in your items just like you would with your phone. Tying them in works just fine too. This tool lets you analyze how profitable an item you are evaluating for an Online Arbitrage purchase to see it’s profitability, ROI, Amazon Fees, ect.

IL also has a Facebook group with fantastic customer support. They are always listening to what the users want and making positive changes based on our feedback. In fact, I was having trouble locating the tutorials that I needed to write this post, and had a response in a matter of minutes when I asked where they were on the support page. No other program that I know of has that level of support. Alan often asks them questions and as web developer gives them feedback on things he would like to see added or fixed. They are always quick to respond.

Inventory lab has some fantastic videos that really show all of the features of inventory lab in an easy to understand format. They do a much better job at explaining the usefulness of their product than I ever could.

To get an overview of what Inventory Lab can do for your FBA business check out this video.

To see exactly how amazing the Scoutify App is click here.

To see a video of how easy the Scout feature is to use, click here.

Of course, we would love it if you clicked our link before signing up for Inventory Lab. We get pocket change which helps keep this blog running.



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