Apps I Use To Save Me Money Doing Retail Arbitrage For FBA

This is a fun post to write for you guys! I love playing around with new apps. I check out the play store often  in search of apps to save me time, and money in my job and in my

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Why are my Amazon items unfulfillable?

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Unfulfillable inventory is inventory that has become damaged, expired, or for another reason cannot be sold. When this occurs, Amazon sets the item as unfulfillable and you have (usually) 30 days to have the inventory returned or destroyed before Amazon

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Why are my Amazon items reserved?


This is a question we’ve seen a few times. Your items get to the Amazon warehouse, or they’ve been there a while, and they show as status reserved. First, here’s a quick rundown of how the Amazon process for you

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Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Prep Centers

My main focus on this blog is what is known as Retail Arbitrage. Retail Arbitrage also known as RA, is the process of purchasing items at a local store and reselling them to turn a profit by selling the items

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Using The Scan Power App To Double Check Purchases For Amazon FBA

I wrote that title exactly that way for a reason. I do not find the Scan Power App to be accurate enough on its own to use as a main app for sourcing products for FBA. For me personally it

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Using The Amazon Seller App

  Download and install the FREE Amazon Seller App. For Iphone download here.  For Android download here. Pick your country which for most of you will be USA. Sign in with your Amazon Seller Account Information. If you do not

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Basics Of Accounting For New FBA Sellers

So you’ve bought your inventory, now what? What do you need to do to make sure you are keeping good records? We have used many ways to record the necessary data for tax and accounting purposes. I’ll start with the

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Essential Sites For Evaluating ASIN Profitability For Amazon FBA

Sales rank alone does not give a complete enough picture of an item to use for every buying decision. Sales ranks can change wildly from day to day. A book that is sitting at a 1,600,000 rank one day could

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Baby Steps: How To Start Sourcing Products For Amazon FBA Plus A Few Rules

Hopefully by now you have signed up for your Amazon Seller Account and downloaded the Amazon Seller App. Now that you have the tools, you are probably wondering where to begin sourcing your products. But first a few helpful rules. Amazon

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Understanding An Amazon Sales Page From A Seller’s Point Of View

There are many factors involved in deciding if an item will sell well on FBA. Sales rank, number of sellers, price drops, and whether Amazon themselves sells the product are the most important factors to consider. Today I will take

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