How TO Find Out How Many Of An Item A Seller Has In Stock On Amazon

Knowing how many of an item each seller has on Amazon can lead you to making better pricing decisions. If a seller or multiple sellers only have a few of an item you may want to price above them for maximum profits. Just because a few decide to low ball does not mean you have to.

So how do you know how many of an item a seller has in stock?

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To find how many a particular seller has, click “Add To Cart” next to the sellers store name. Do not worry, you are not buying anything and can remove these items form your cart when you are done.

add to cart

Many times you can stop here. You see “Added To Cart” in green? below that it shows a quantity of 2 left in stock for this seller.

Sometimes the in stock number will not show at this stage. There is another simple way to find this information.

Click “Cart”

drop down

Click the “quantity” drop down menu.

Click 10+ and a box will pop up.

Type 999 into that box and hit “Update”.

This will give you the quantity the seller has in stock.


Once you have the needed information don’t forget to hit “Delete” to remove the item form your cart. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t, but I use this feature a ton and end up having a very messy cart when I need to actually shop for something unless I delete the items when I am done with my research.


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