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How to Deal With Amazon FBA Returns and Customer Damages

Returns Sign

Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, running your own e-commerce website, or selling on Amazon, one thing everyone encounters are customer returns. Knowing what each stage of Amazon’s process is, what their messages mean, and what you need to

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Setting Up Your Hosting Account and Installing WordPress


This video covers setting up your Bluehost hosting account, and installing WordPress. Remember! If you use our affiliate link when setting up you Bluehost account, the bits of money help fund our blog, and give your more great information and

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Installing WooCommerce and WP-Lister for Amazon

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This video covers installing WooCommerce for WordPress, and the WP-Lister for Amazon add-on. Combined, these add-ons will allow you to sync your Amazon FBA inventory to your own website, making it available for sale via Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment.

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Creating an Amazon Shipment in Seller Central

Amazon FBA Shipments

This video is a quick overview of how to create a shipment using Amazon Seller Central, and how to add both new and existing items to that shipment.

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Why are my Amazon items unfulfillable?

Smashed box

Unfulfillable inventory is inventory that has become damaged, expired, or for another reason cannot be sold. When this occurs, Amazon sets the item as unfulfillable and you have (usually) 30 days to have the inventory returned or destroyed before Amazon

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Why are my Amazon items reserved?


This is a question we’ve seen a few times. Your items get to the Amazon warehouse, or they’ve been there a while, and they show as status reserved. First, here’s a quick rundown of how the Amazon process for you

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Can I link directly to my Amazon listing?

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Oh, we have the answer for you. The short version – Yes you can. The better version – How awesome do you want to make it? You see, you may or may not know that Amazon has an affiliate program.

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Already a Full-time RVer, and Need Some Extra Income?

RV in Walmart Parking Lot

If you’re already full time RVing and are looking for a way to make money on the road, Amazon FBA is perfect for you. Whether you stop in at Walmart to stock up, or overnight at Walmart between destinations, you’re

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Recommended Hardware & Supplies for Amazon FBA

Computer desk setup

If you’re going to run even a small FBA business, there are a few items that are must haves. Unless you’re using Inventory Lab, you’re probably going to be printing your labels from Amazon’s interface, all at once. To do

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Going Full Time – How to Make Money, and Unload My Stuff

Yard sale photos

Are you planning on starting a full-time RVing lifestyle, but you’re not sure how you’re going to make money in the process? Amazon FBA could be your answer. While we have LOADS of information on getting starting with FBA and

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